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Time to renew! And Prices are CRAZY!

I always fix my tarriff for the year ahead and avoid going onto a the variable rate as it's usually much higher.

However this time Eons variable tarriff is
20p - unit. 27p Standing Charge (correct of last week) which is cheaper than any fixed rate I can find online.

Am I missing something? Would really appreciate some advice on the best thing to do!

Thank you!!

TCRL xxx

ps. It's just electricity I need - I don't have mains gas. I am also limited to the companies that will provide to me due to my remote location


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I’ve been looking at quotes for my electric today and I only managed to find one that promised a whopping saving of £1 a year 😒 the rest were about the same as I already pay/ a little more, there seemed to be quite a few that said they weren’t taking on new customers though…. Clearly I’m no help 😂 sorry


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I think the advice is not to move right now. The cap is likely to rise about £700 in April, putting lots of people into poverty.


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If you can move to someone who can fix the rates and not charge a fee to leave them that's beneficial. That said with the number of suppliers who excited the industry last year it will be tricky.

If it's any consolation, I work in the industry and some of the customers I manage who purchase their energy flexibly have been stung to the tune of an extra million quid per month. All because they had been far too comfortable with the prior energy charges to want to hedge correctly...


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I have no choice, my current deal ends 31st January!
Once your deal ends I suspect you will move to the price cap rate. At the moment the price cap rate is cheaper than any of the fixed or variable rate deals on offer so the advice would probably still be to stay where you are unless you really have to move.

Martin Lewis explained this well in his last TV programme -