Talk to me about Exercise equipment.


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Can anyone recommend fitness gear? Budget isn’t massive so it’s either cheap and cheerful or preloved that I’ll be buying,

In the process of creating a bit of an exercise area in the garage and I’m a bit bamboozled with the choice of gear on offer. I’ve accumulated some stuff from Facebook marketplace but still on the hunt for a few bits.

Multigym, no idea where to start, I’m looking for a good alround piece, hubby will prob use this more than me and he’s quite tall so finding something that works for him too is important. 13 year old daughter may also want to use on occasions too so something safe is priority. What do I need to look for or avoid?

Punchbags, again no idea of best options here. I’d probably prefer a freestanding one but most of what I’ve see suggest that many are a bit of a waste of time and tend to fall over. Again needs to work for all the family. Can anyone suggest best options, I don’t want to be bringing the garage wall down on top of me though 😬

I’ve picked up an exercise bike, step machine, treadmill and some small weights already. I want to get a rowing machine too when I spot one, is there anything else worth adding?


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Normally I'd suggest getting a trial gym membership and seeing what you like using, not sure with the current situation though. I will say ground based punchbags are a pain though, if you have any way to hang it do so.