Tap & Spile Reopening???


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Will be there 14th feb for the other half's birthday!

Can't wait! I don't have facebook so cant 'Join' or 'Like' or whatever but sooooo excited!!!!!!


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I've asked about cider but don't expect a good response, if they've gone for Carling/Strongbow then they're probably tied to somewhere that thinks Rekorderlig is really a cider and Bulmers is a premium brand. I'll try to push for at least one bottle thats drinkable but suspect its a lost cause and shall be another bar I won't be handing any money to.

On a side note the greyhound was packed again this weekend, they're doing something right....


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I think it still belongs to Enterprise Inns so mostly it will be tied to stuff on their list.


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Pinched from their Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Tap-and-Spile/727791790578531


..looking good..


(and me! - Ed)
Glad that mystery is solved. I was walking past last week, on my way back from Asda to where I now work, with a bloke I support. All the lights were on and plenty of activity, if it hadn't been the middle of the day I might have phoned the old bill. Wish the new proprieter/s all the best. Hope to pop in, too far from my manor, not too far from The Boro, and believe me you need all the drink you can get down ya recently! :embarrass: