Thawa Bridge.

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The Dilshad restaurant on bridge street opposite Grapes pub has been closed and the premises are now being renovated and prepared by Abdul formerly of Stafford balti.
The new business is going to be called THAWA bridge Indian cuisine.
Hoping to open in mid July. Keep an eye out for this. Ideal location to provide great food and excellent service. Ready to serve STAFFORD for many more years.


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The signs are up at the front..

...and the back.


Quite a bit of work seems to have been done - opening can't be far away - if the pile-driving madness doesn't knock it down first.


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Stafford Balti always had brilliant Tandoori Murgh Massala when Abdul was there. Looking forward to visiting on the 15th.
15th seems to be well booked up, table-wise. There was still some leeway, the last I heard, though - but filling up fast.


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Well, I've just sneaked in for a little look around and it's going to be fairly swish. Still a lot to do, but it'll be worth it, I'm sure.

The kitchen is a fearsome place - it'll be like working in a small steelworks.