The best places to be a women in Britain are......


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I'm sure that @number9 who comes on this forum will be delighted to know that he is a revelation to women in Britain today.
...and not, being from Wolverhampton as i'm sure a few are on here, the no.9 on the wrong list isn't great!?


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Stafford now also boasts a women's football team playing in the 3rd tier of English football. Burton Albion Ladies are now playing at Marston Road. They play on Sundays at 2pm.


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I suspect it uses a lot of the same data that listed Stafford as one if the most content places for people to live a few years ago. Metrics included in this seem to be the male/female pay gap according to the piece.

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Mmm, beware of surveys, perhaps - Slough, Swindon and Stoke are in the top five of Best Places to Live and Work.

That is heavily weighted to numbers of jobs advertised. When you start to drill down into the data, you will discover that a lot of the jobs are not in Stoke, just advertised in Stoke; indeed a good number of the Stoke jobs are in China!!!,23.htm

Oh, and Stoke being cheap to live in also helped it get a high rating. And, let's face it, Stoke was even beaten by Swindon, for which the most exciting attraction is a roundabout.