The Dog House.


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I did peruse the Dog House last night, during the intermission in the Melvin Hancox Band performance at the Bear - the band being obliged to cease for the duration of some sort of boxing match on the telly.

I thought I had never been upstairs before, but I do seem to have some sort of memory of the layout once being there acted as a cue to retrieve it.

It all seemed to be going very well.


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Dropped by on Saturday afternoon and had a chat with Josh, who is now a director and runs the bar along side Lee. Turns out Craig sold his part of the business back to Lee and they are potentially looking at reopening the kitchen in the future.

Fingers crossed for tem and it all goes well!!

was there on saturday, not as squashed as I feared, glad the drinks are the same was selling Citra ?(something like that.. I can't remember) on one of the pumps IPA that seemed to be rather popular, and have doombar on the other (to whoever said about nothing on pumps earlier in thread)

I like the fact they sell things that aren't everywhere else in the town

they're only opening thursday-saturday for a few weeks due to still having some work done to the place, I think that's what they said.. I was a bit tipsy?

Also the cloud stuff, is pretty cool upstairs above the stage.


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Josh should begin to put is stamp on it I think?

He's a great lad and I wish him and all the best with it. Ankle biter permitting, I will be frequenting this establishment more often. It will also be interesting to see what happens with the kitchen and the potential for food in there again.

Small request though....if the onion rings are making a come back.....they need to drain off the oil before serving. every time they were swimming in oil.