The Premier League 2018-19 Thread...


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It's a shame that the Premier League is proving to be so dull this year that it escapes comment.


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I am trying desperately not to think about the unthinkable.

I am also enjoying going to games for the first time in years.


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Yes, but the hunger was there. Even if we don't win we know we'll enjoy some of it.

Totally agree.

I was just a bit disappointed the way United kept crossing into the box with two defenders that could deal with them all day long and we didn't have many other options.

Plus after beating Arsenal my expectations were raised for the Burnley match.

Roll on Sunday.


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Nah, we're not out of it yet, though it is squeeky bum time.

Ha ha, love how defeatest you scousers have become. Top at Christams, never won the league.

Wake up guys you're still top despite having a few crap games and as much as it hurts me to say it you're played the most consistent, entertaining football.

I stil hope City beat you though if we can't get close :)


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So we enter the quarter finals of the Champions League with four Premiership teams of eight remaining.

This season remains completely unremarkable.


Enjoying a drop of red.


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Ole's at the wheel

We’re Man City supporters but I’m genuinely thrilled for you United fans at this news.

He’s done a great job for you as temporary manager and really pleased for him fulfilling his dream.