The Royal Oak Stafford


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I've been in a couple of times over the decades but can't say there's ever been anything to make me rush back. Bit like The Wildwood in the sense that is just a basic locals pub so unless you live nearby the you wouldn't really use it.
I bought a BSA A65 from a chap in there when I were a lad.


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Now you could try the likes of GK IPA or Doom Bar. Was a classic 1920s "Improved Public House" but I think the interior has been buggered up - never been in there though.
The interior was blitzed quite some time ago and painting the ground floor brickwork white ruined its external appearance,


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I remember going in there and seeing Popeye Doyle, maths teacher at Kingston who got me through my O level. To my amazement he recognized me .. (late 60's ish, long hair, scruffy ... mmmm .... not much has changed :eek:) I had a fair amount of family from the Irish side who lived in Merrivale Road and often went for a drink in there with them. Then, in latter days, funeral gatherings. :(


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A pub maybe best known as the last in Stafford to have a 'Men Only' bar.
Does anyone on here remember Don Draper keeping the Lord Nelson ?
The Sun was the first place I had a meal out with my future wife, that being nearly thirty-one years ago when it was kept by Brian Deakin.

Are you planning to resurrect every Forum thread with a pub name in the title?


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How did you work that one out Sherlock? 🤣🤣
The "Elementary" was a fantastic boozer with 95 handpulls in the bar and 20 in the lounge with a Cinzano iced dispenser in the corner next to the ham rolls way back in 1973 just before the number 12 bus left Market Square 😂🤣😂🤣🤣