The Sun Inn.


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Had a pleasant couple of hours in here on Sunday afternoon, great beer, friendly switched on staff. Just what you want. Mildly marred by the smell of stale cooking oil as we walked across the car park Think the fryers are ready for a clean, and the smell of stale beer as you walk into the bar.


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We had a fab meal in there on Sat. I think they have reduced the prices on the burgers slightly..


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Had an odd issue in there last week. I wanted to take some drinks out with me to have in Narvana, not a problem they said. Great, I'll have a few bottles of Orchard Pig thanks. Nope, only Titanic ales are for sale to take away, you can't take any other drink out with you.

Now they said this like it was the law, but obviously its a personal choice. You are either licensed to sell of the premises or you aren't, both were bottles so really can't see the issue? Lost sales for them, as I had to go to Tesco now anyway I got everyone else's drinks too so nobody took anything away.

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I think the Sun is a great building

If the chef at the Market Vaults has an identical twin I wish them a job there

Mind you

That could make it too attractive


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Will have to pop along, shame half of the ciders are the same 4% plus a flavouring variety rather than actual cider but to be fair I've tried a few good ones of them.


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Enjoyed the sunshine and convivial drunkenness this afternoon, aided by some dragon IPA, a few kelham island, a golden one from barnsley and a rum and raisin stout to finish me off.....

oo err......


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Christmas festival in the back of the sun right now , Food, stalls and live music and of course beer!