The Swan.


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My favourite photo was taken at The Moat House


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I didn't say anything to the people asking questions about the Swan because I knew what was going on and had decided to keep my mouth shut, it was possibly the worst kept secret ever but as I say -
The question you asked about the Moat House was nothing like what people were saying about The Swan. As I said I have no idea one way or another if there is any truth in the fact that they are to follow like wise but people have a habit of revelling in others misfortunes , in my opinion it's just people reading too much in to it at this stage. You really think if the Lewis Partnership is in trouble they are going to announce it on a public forum?


Double standards.

I asked exactly the same question about the Moat House that others asked about The Swan.


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Was in the swan tonight, first time in a long time. They ran out of draught cider, the alternatives were frankly crap, we went to the bird.


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You really think if the Lewis Partnership is in trouble they are going to announce it on a public forum

Oh dear @Jade-clothing

Perhaps it’s you that need to.... Oh what was it you said to me...... oh yes “Learn to keep your mouth shut””

I never once said that The Lewis Partnership is in trouble.

I personally think that the Lewis Partnership as a group are doing extremely well.
As a pub group they’ve cracked it.

My comments were based on the Moat House only, and even then, I don’t think that is in trouble either, on the contrary. I just wondered if the sale of that would release equity to buy more destination pubs which is what the Lewis family excel at.
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Anyone know if they had cider on Friday? If not was there an alternative within a short walking distance?


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The new owners posted yesterday that their new outdoor bar was selling Peroni at just £5 a pint. It's since been deleted but you can imagine how well it went down.