Today I saw...


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Ah, didn't think of that. Tranquilizers for the cat then tomorrow.
Yes, there will be lots of fireworks, I forgot all about it & said I would work on my weekend off.... Silly me. It was packed today, and no doubt will be tomorrow.


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Really severe gales last night which snapped off one of my transmitting whip aerials, that then flopped over and started sending Morse code against the Sky dish. (Pretty garbled, something like AAAAAARRRGGGHHH !!!) Can't do much to fix it in this wind so just lashed the broken flapping end up and away from the Sky dish. Happily the dish seems ok and still aligned, I was getting a bit unhappy on the conservatory roof which faces east and is very wind swept.
Then decided to walk the lake. Couple of weeks ago it was glass smooth, today it's got waves and a swell !!! :eek:

Alas the boat jetty has come adrift and is gradually floating off toward the dam. The Swannosaurus however, seems unimpressed. :hmm: