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I was sat on a bench in Bristol City Centre having a quick breather when this cheeky little f***er came right up to me and waited, presumably until I'd given him/her something. I had nothing to give, so he/she eventually flew off in disgust. :eek:



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Little bat! At 7pm . Found some old garlic bulbs while clearing out the kitchen cupboard and cooking tea, dated July, but still look OK, so I plant them in the garden, they keep away all sorts of garden pests. So out I go at 7pm, and there's ittle bat. Lovely
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... "Today's featured picture" on the Wikipedia front page, it was of the ruins of a Roman town in Cyprus.

The only decent school I went to used to use the amphitheatre there for plays and other events.


One of the most notable performances occurred during a speech day in the evening, when, just as night was falling and the Head was still droning on, a herd of goats arrived to investigate the audience, in case anybody might have anything for them. The resulting commotion woke up a teacher who was notorious for snoozing at any time of the day and he then fell off his chair and, subsequently, off the rear edge of the stage area, where they seem to have fitted a safety fence now.


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Ta! It’s been years since I last used a council long stay in Stafford. I usually use Tesco’s when getting a train.