Verso Lounge.


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It didn't seem to me, during my brief struggles with the door, that the issue was an inside/outside atmospheric pressure difference. if that was the case then the force required to open it would drop dramatically as soon as it was open a few inches. It felt much more like the primary issue is with a poorly designed/installed/adjusted door closing mechanism.

If they really have a much lower pressure in the building, compared to outside, I might be wondering if they have a gas supply to the kitchen, or are they all-electric?

A revolving door would have equal opposing forces on each side, if there were pressure issues.

There used to be a charity shop in the town that had a sprung door that banged shut every time someone entered or left. One day, I offered to fix it for them, if they had a screwdriver that I could borrow for a minute - it only needed the latching screw to have a tweak and it would have been OK. They decided that they couldn't allow this to occur, for "insurance issues" - so they put up with it banging shut for about the next five years before the place finally closed.


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I love Verso lounge but sadly felt (previously) the speed of service was really poor. Friendly but hellishly slow.

Today I went there for brunch for my wife’s birthday and it was fantastic. Service was excellent and the food was perfect.

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Headed to Verso Lounge last night for an impromptu bite to eat however, they were closed due to staff having to isolate! (the note in the window indicated that they would be back open today). Tried The Swan next but they were full so it was third time lucky at La Casa on Mill St. We were lucky to get in there too, it was very busy. Not a bad stand-in though, the food was good & the service seems to have speeded up a bit too.