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This has appeared on Facebook, if you happen to have a spare child and a dust mask.


Do you know this place?
Want your kids to be in a pop video?
Be there tomorrow, 3.03pm Sunday 8th
They have to be wearing masks

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Altern 8, the group?
Mark Archer and Chris Peat?
I thought they were no more?

Did I mention that I once roadied for Cristine Peat and Bill Bromley, Criss Peats parents in their group "No entry"
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Well it was the Prospect rd play park obvious really as they lived on Prospect rd as kids, I was walking the dog at 3.00 o'clock and dashed back for my cameras, met Christine again and shook hands with with them all, brought back a few memories of the kids and the group doing the clubs.
Will post photos later.


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Altern8ive said:
A MASSIVE THANK YOU!!!! To everybody who turned up today, it was fantastic to see you all and such great fun!!

Some of the shots are amazing! The kids were just great!!

The video will be launched at 8.08pm on Friday night!

If you haven't already, LIKE and SHARE our page and we'll keep you up to date on future events.

From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU.

The Rec?

9 nil down at half time?

Win 12-9?
Tellytubby Land, just a bit further along.