VS Code problem, anyone familiar with it ?


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I am new to VS Code and am using it to write and test Javascript and it is so useful.
But now when running code it has suddenly started saying 'Local host refused to connect' so frustrating, any help would be appreciated.

The Stafford Beast

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Hello @Benedict,
JavaScript is usually something that runs in web browsers to make websites do whizzy stuff, but could equally be used for server-side scripting using something like a node.js service, which can run a simple service on your local computer. If the service stops running, then your debugger might come up with that error. You would need to start the local service again that will run your code.

What is it you're trying to code?


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No master but I do use it. As the Stafford Beast says javascript usually runs in the browser, do you have a local development server set up for testing?


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When coding websites you normally need a local web server to host it while testing. On Windows that used to be IIS, although it's years since I did any Windows stuff.

What seems to be happening is the IDE opens your browser and is expecting to connect to webserver hosting the code you're writing but it can't.


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Apologies for not responding to your replies, I have been out of action, i have not solved it, there is a site that helps aged and disabled people with IT probs. called abilitynet.org.uk, I contacted them and they got one of their volunteers to call me, The guy wanted me to give him full access to my computer, err, I don't think so, thanks but no thanks, I am now using notepad++ to code and using their console, I am 77 yrs old.
Thanks again to those people who took the time to try to respond, much appreciated..