What are we watching on TV?


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Finished The Next Generation and I have now watched 334 episodes of all Star Trek shows since last summer!

The bad news is there are still 544 to go...


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Did anyone watch Touching Evil when it was on the telly?

I've bing watched Vera, Blue Murder, Unforgotten and Frost. I'm after sumat in a similar vein.


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Nobody was like 'shall we take the plot of John Wick and remove the plot?'

It was just a fight scene, and then another one, and then a diversion that was also a fight scene, but in a different setting, and then a fight scene that looked a bit like Home Alone on steroids. With Doc from Back To The Future.

It left a lot open to be examined in the future, as if it wished to establish itself as a franchise.

It's all good, man.


Mad Cat Woman
Steeltown Murders. Philip Glenister. Wouldn't kick that bloke out of bed if he had wind. Currently watching episode 2 on iplayer. Won't spoil it for anyone else watching.