What's for dinner/tea?


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We've had gammon buttys for tea, I boiled its little arse off for most of the afternoon, sent Boots, the cat wild in anticipation cos it smelt lush. It was that well cooked, (The gammon, not Boots) it just fell apart. So it will be interesting how long it'll last. Youngest has quite the taste for all things pig. That just doesn't sound right, but you know what I mean.
Bootywoo had a lovely big chunk, it just flew off as I was removing the wrapper thing, if he's sick later, I know who'll be cleaning it up. Moi.


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Had a takeaway from Neway and it was very good, as usual. Satay beef, sweet & sour prawns (Cantonese), garlic broccoli and cha siu chow mein plus egg fried rice. Did our own spring rolls and crispy duck (with pancakes).


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Sometimes forward planning pays off in unusual ways.

As myself and the carer both work in different kinds of retail, I often cook batches of food (chilli, curry's, braised cabbage, carrot n sweede mash, mashed potato) at the beginning of December & freeze them so there's something nice when we don't feel like cooking from scratch.

I've not been well all week, so off work, but went back today and tonight I wanted something nice but plain..... So a frozen shop bought steak and ale pie, frozen aunt Bessie's roasties, homemade (frozen) carrot & sweede mash, home made (frozen) red cabbage with apple & Sherry.

Full to the brim.

But now thinking of port and cheese thanks to @acpoynton ....


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This shiz

With Dows reserve port.