What's for dinner/tea?


Mad Cat Woman
Tonights tea is Tuna Pasta Bake. All smothered in a thick layer of Cheddar cheese.
I shouldn't really, i'm off out tonight (again! twice in less than a week) My Ward Manager is retiring, so I'm going along to say tara to her, have a few nibbles and maybe a small drink.
Will be about the 2nd time I will have walked anywhere on the high street this year. Shamefull.


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Got home from work at 4.30pm to find the carer had just taken cheese & jalepeno cornbread muffins out of the oven, scrummy....

And for tea we have rustic* slow cooked shepherd's pie... Nom Nom Nom.

*rustic cos he took lamb pieces not minced lamb out of the freezer......

Spoilt I am! 😁


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Naughty naughty, there was red wine gravy left over from the shepards pie, so I ate it in a bowl with half a cheese & jalepeno muffin. 🤬


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Some kind of posh dog & veg bake tonight...

Apparently tomorrow I'm driving everyone to the Viceroy... Any good people/hive mind?