What's for dinner/tea?


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Well! Another brilliant idea in the bin. He woke up around 5ish and said he wasn't hungry, little git. And tomorrow he'll be in the Shrew once he's woken up.
You can still come over and stink the place out tomorrow, I'm in from 7am.


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Looking like fried chicken salad wraps done with this shiz:



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Went to The Riverside Inn near Attingham. Was a very pleasant evening. Shared a camembert with my friends then had pork belly. Eating in tomorrow (I think).


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Last night it was large burgers from Perrys on brioche buns topped with mushrooms, onions, jalapeño cheese and crispy smoked streaky bacon. Caramelised sweet potato wedges and homemade potato salad.
Sounds lovely, apart from the brioche buns.


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Finally! We had the spaghetti bolognese meant for last week. I make zero apologies to anyone I may meet within the next week. There was well over a jar of garlic puree shoved in the mix, along with the onion and garlic sauce purchased from Mr Sainsburys.
There was no moaning, no, ''I'm stuffed, can't eat all of this'' IF he's lucky, he will get braised steak for tea tomorrow. Depending how arsed I can be to peel the spuds and bung it all in in the oven.