What's for dinner/tea?


Mad Cat Woman
Waiting for the ex wake up and text the Great Unwashed Thing that lives in the back bedroom. If he's up to going out, then i'll probably do a meal for one - either baked beans on toast, jam on toast, or a jacket spud and cheese. If he doesn't want go out, then youngest and I will be going the Greyhound at Yarlet later.


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Staffordshire Oatcakes with bacon & cheese for us tonight . (Had a load brought down by visitors the other week & froze them).

Been craving them since watching a 'Hairy Bikers in Staffordshire ' last night that we'd recorded. It was all oatcakes, oatcakes & oatcakes with bacon & cheese ( also featured The Moat House, Acton Trussell).
So glad we still had some left in the freezer!


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Made my own pasta yesterday. Tasted good with a store bought Arrabiata sauce.


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