Working hard for Stafford and Penkridge.


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No need to - she's even more popular than Lefroy ever was.

Both in terms of total votes and percentage of the votes cast.

You mean that wasn't her helping clear up the fly tipping by that church this morning?



Must have been a rat then

Difficult to tell from 30,000 feet


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Maiden speech?

Get yer maiden speech 'ere...

You can't 'continue' doing something you haven't done before, but you do you.

You won't do us, of that i'm absolutely sure.


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A safe seat in the provinces.

Turn up for the odd local doodah - look interested.

Otherwise 'turn up' enough to be noticed to usually do so.

Job done.




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I do wish the prat would stop saying that Winchester Court is in Weeping Cross. If you can't be arsed to actually visit the constituency then at least buy a map FFS.


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She’s setting up office soon. Might watch and see how many times she’s actually there...

Just need a webcam and some NPR software


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She and Gavin Williamson have just sent round petition forms opposing the transport hub at Gailey. Gone to people in Gailey, Penkridge, Wheaton Aston, Brewood, Bishops Wood & "surrounding communities"


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Now she has secured her safe seat, does she have much use for the mere stepson of an Earl?

Now that she is working so hard for Stafford and Penkridge, in London, does she even have any time for him at all?

We will never know.