Working hard for Stafford and Penkridge.

The Hawk

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Theo has just tweeted this:

"Following numerous meetings between the Secretary of State for Justice @RobertBuckland, the Courts Minister @CPhilpOfficial and I, I’m delighted to announce that Shire Hall in #Stafford will be reopening next week as a Nightingale Court. Full letter from Minister below"



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Working hard to ensure the Trent river is even dirtier than it is already

(Voted for the bill to allow water companies to dump raw sewage in rivers)
To be fair to Theo it must be exceedingly difficult to differentiate the stink of raw sewage from the stench of corruption oozing from the pores of herself and her colleagues after the vote to save her dishonorable friend yesterday. I guess now she has disabled her conscience and overcome the ability to feel any shame, her future in the party is looking bright.


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The only thing that smells worse that the excrement in our rivers and on our beaches is the putrid sleaze on the Tory benches.


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I see Theo is being rewarded for all the extra hard work she put into Stafford and Penkridge last year with a 2.9% pay rise.

Well deserved of course...

Thank you Theo, for all your extra hard work making things so much better for us little people.