Ye Olde Rose and Crown


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Planned reopening September.
Tenants are tied to buying all draught and bottled beer and cider from the company.
Real Ales are all from Joule's Brewery - Joule's Blonde 3.8%, Joule's Pale Ale 4.1%, Slumbering Monk 4.5% with a £90 bb discount
Lagers come from Molson Coors ie Carling and Grolsch and offer a £70 per barrel discount.
Our Cider partner is Weston's in Herefordshire and the main brand is Stowford Press with a £35 bb discount


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And the first person to pronounce the name as "Ye......" will earn my unending hatred.


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The "Y" is a representation of the Thorn character, which was pronounced "th" anyway.

Scoot Doggy Dogg

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basil said:
Jewels or Jowels ? ........
I've had this debate at work... It's Jewels/ Jools as in "kilo-joules"

The same family- one brother brewed beer/ the other invented a measurement of energy. :eng101: