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Major excavation to close Crown Street for up to 10 days


Major excavation works get underway on the 6th January which will mean that that Crown Street will be completely closed, for up to 10 days, from the Canal Cruising turning to Newcastle Road.
The Crown street closure is required to allow the main sewer to be excavated and for a new connection to be made.

Due to the depth of the sewer at this point, 6 metres, the excavation will be complex and will require specialist contractors to carry out the works. As a result of the depth of excavation then the road will be completely closed and diversions put in place in order to facilitate the traffic flows.

The closure permit has been issued until Friday 17th January, however, the contractor has said that they will endeavour to complete the works sooner, if at all possible.

The connection will provide a connection to the new Crown Wharf development, Joules new Tap house, the Crown Wharf Theatre, the proposed Heritage centre and for Canal Cruising.

In addition during the closure period, Western Power will be laying ducting across Crown Street in order to provide future capacity.

Crown Street will be two way to allow access to the businesses, car parks and houses
The one-way system along the length of Crown Street, from Stafford Street/Stafford Road, will be replaced by temporary two-way traffic flows to allow people to still have access to the car parks, businesses and houses up to the point of the closure. Three-way signals would be installed at the junction of Crown Street and Stafford Street to release traffic coming out of the town back towards Aston roundabout

The official diversion for traffic wanting to go around the one-way system will be to travel up Stafford Road, to the Walton Roundabout, north on the A34 to the roundabout by Dans Motorcycles and for them then to travel back towards Stone on Newcastle Road and back onto the one-way system.

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