Your top 5 songs


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ST16 Represent.
All time favourite, I love country music and loved this from the off, it persists as a favourite.

Rufus's cover of his fathers tune, beautiful song.

If you see a man in Stafford wearing a Toby Keith tshirt, its likely to be me, my favourite singer with a song that has associated memories.


ST16 Represent.
Johnny Cash doing a track that isnt hurt or from his sun era, this is perfection and Anita Carters voice on it makes a great song even better.

Waylon Jennings. Oh yes.


Nixon Garden Neatness
Dreamer – Super tramp

Horace Wimp - ELO

No Where Man - Beatles

Wuthering Heights - Kate Bush

Life On Mars David Bowie

That really made me think i could do a top 20 because there is so mcuh great music out there - i would struggle to do a top 50


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Guess it doesn't matter any more

Don't treat me like a child

Jumping Jack Flash

Rocky Mountain High

Nights in White Satin

today's five, tomorrow's will be different


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神様!! お願い


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A lot of good choices listed, alas my top five are constantly changing. Surprised nobody picked Agado.


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My top 5 at the moment
Sleepflower - Manics
Life becoming a landslide - Manics
Innocent - Phonics
Rocky mountain way - Joe Walsh
25 or 6 to 4 - Chicago, whatever that's about. Happy days even now whatever :)


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In general I'm not a fan of cover versions and tribute bands, especially of the likes of Pink Floyd, who were a phenomena .. a force of nature.

But I can't deny these lads do a good job on this song, 'Mother' which will always be one of my favourites both musically and lyrically.



Mad Cat Woman
I can't believe I haven't done my top five, love music and always have sumat going in the background .

1. Kirsty MacColl - Soho Square.
2. The Kinks - Celluloid Heroes.
3. The Beautiful South - Worthless Lie.
4. Al Stewart - The Year of the Cat.
5. The Bee Gees - First of May.

The list is endless,and everything apart from the first two can change at anytime.
Just to be morbid, I've even written out what I want done at my funeral, and which songs I would like played.
Had such an arguement with my older sister when Mum died, it int worth it.