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Storm Eunice .... your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries.
Let me get this straight, in the middle of a crisis, Russia is ruled by a thug, the USA by a moron and the UK by a clown. We're f***ed.
Hello could you please close down the plumber man's membership on the forum as he has sadly passed away
Day Number *** of the lockdown. (Can't remember the number, not even sure what month it is !!! … but to continue …) Nothing has changed.
I didn't see ginger strawberry blonde I thought
No such name!!! Ginger all the way!
Stafford vandals if you ask me. I had an oap crash into my door theother day on purpose because me front wheel slightly overlapped a dropped kerb ;0
ofsted registered childminder rated GOOD.Open Monday to Friday 7:30 till 6. spaces available from birth to 8 years plus.
Yes he uses variations of the double barrel. He is known to the police so Of course he needs a way round licensing.