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Let me get this straight, in the middle of a crisis, Russia is ruled by a thug, the USA by a moron and the UK by a clown. We're f***ed.
Hello could you please close down the plumber man's membership on the forum as he has sadly passed away
Day Number *** of the lockdown. (Can't remember the number, not even sure what month it is !!! … but to continue …) Nothing has changed.
I didn't see ginger strawberry blonde I thought
No such name!!! Ginger all the way!
Stafford vandals if you ask me. I had an oap crash into my door theother day on purpose because me front wheel slightly overlapped a dropped kerb ;0
ofsted registered childminder rated GOOD.Open Monday to Friday 7:30 till 6. spaces available from birth to 8 years plus.
Yes he uses variations of the double barrel. He is known to the police so Of course he needs a way round licensing.
This is typical of how it’s been done over and over. He will be working on his next one now. I’m surprised no one posts his face all over the bet so everyone knows what he’s doing.
I believe he goes by several names, Lloyd Perkins and Lloyd Waldron Perkins being 2 more