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1948 thoughts on the future of Stafford pubs

Discussion in 'Pubs and Eating Out' started by Noah, Nov 9, 2019.

  1. Noah

    Noah Well-Known Forumite

    Mar 9, 2012
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    They predicted closures and they were right. out of 31 pubs, I am ignoring the off-licence, only 10* remain open. In addition to these 10 the Sheridan looks to be lost and the future of the Lord Nelson remains doubtful. What they did not forsee was that in the future the nature of the town centre would change and the number of pubs would start to increase again. The new additions that remain open include Slaters Bar, Butlers Bell, Hogarths, Dog House, Picture House, Yates, Floodgate, Kenneys - Candid is just outside of the map area and the Ship Aground is yet to float.

    So how about their wish for pubs in the new housing estates, well some were opened but not all have survived. Since the publication appeared these pubs include Westway (closed), Oxleathers, Nesbitt Arms (closed), Wildwood, Crossbow (closed), Bod, Holmcroft, Staffordshire Bull, Three Tuns (Doxey), Shire Horse, Red Hill, Catch Corner, Kings Horse, Knot & Plough. I am not sure that the last 5 meet their criteria of estate pubs but most have associated hotels which sort of meet their hope for pubs providing accomodation.

    *1 Lamb
    2 Bird in Hand
    5 Shrewsbury Arms
    12 Coach & Horses
    18 Rose & Crown
    25 Bear
    26 Swan
    28 Grapes
    29 Vine
    31 Chains - now Market Vaults

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