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Any Postman Help Here

Discussion in 'Stafford Chat' started by Manorboy, Aug 30, 2020.

  1. Manorboy

    Manorboy Well-Known Forumite

    Oct 11, 2009
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    On Wednesday we sent a order to a lady in Peach Avenue, my wife had to call the lady as she had made a sizing error on her order which was a birthday present for her grandson. During the call my wife suggested that if she came and collected the order we would return her postage. It turned out she was isolating and preferred us to send the order by post.

    The order should have been delivered on Friday, on Saturday (yesterday) she called us and told us that she had not received her order but the Royal Mail website stated that it had been delivered and signed for by someone with a different name although the name that was stated was near to the lady’s name. She called customer service who duly told her that the GPS signal was nowhere near to where she lived. I said to the lady that I would go down to the depot and see if they could help, the lady on the counter who was very helpful tried to call various people but could not contact anyone. She said she would go and see her manager.

    When she returned she did not look happy and told me he that he had told her to give me a card with the national telephone numbers of the customer service departments. I know from experience that they will create a case and contact him and ask him to investigate where the parcel has either been delivered or in the worst possible case been stolen. I have called many national postal depots in my time and not once have I ever experienced such bad customer service as this, on every occasion I have been told that they would contact the post person and ask them where they delivered the parcel.

    I appreciate that the Stafford manager was busy as it was a Saturday but he could easily have taken my contact details and called me at a later date if he had managed to locate the parcel. We get a collection every day from Royal Mail and the actual postmen and women who collect our parcels have always been outstanding, I am reaching out to one of these people to see if they can help me locate this parcel so that this lady can give her grandson a birthday present.
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