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    Going through the motions.

    I too am due my state pension in January .Have applied and recieved a response .Fingers crossed here.And good luck getting your response from our MP.
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    Where to Live! Between Stoke & Wolverhampton.

    Yes agree with Mark and if you support Newcastle you will feel well at home in Stafford as the local football plays in the same colours
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    Fuel Wankers.

    Got 39 miles in my tank still.So will need to fill up at some point this week.
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    Fuel Wankers.

    The human race showing their true colours with this fuel nonsense.There aint even a shortage.
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    Laying LVT (or laminate I guess)

    Ive recentlygot some upvc ones from Eurocell.If you like that kind of thing!
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    Eastgate Regeneration Scheme.

    Yes was quite a regular in the Sheridan myself .But a lasting memory for me was having four pints of Dogboulter in one session in I think the Forrester and Firkin. Was not well after that.
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    Give us a joke... go on it might be funny :)

    What do you do with a sad astronaut? A- Give him some space.
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    Stafford Rangers - New Start and The Way Forward

    Hi .Yes so sad a true Rangers legend and all round nice bloke. It wasnt his dad who kept the rifleman ,it was Roger Jones dad .
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    SA Covid testing in Stafford?

    Yep .Told my wife to do the same .She is over 60 and waiting .Went on line and booked both appointments.I had mine two weeks ago ,but I have underlying issues.
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    Happy Birthday!

    Thanks all
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    Parking in Stafford

    May be flooded?
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    New GCH boiler

    Ive had no trouble with Baxi over the last 30 years
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    Examples of poor driving you have witnessed!

    What an absolute tool this bloke is .Hope he is reported.
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    This annoys me somewhat.If the tories hadn't spent the last 10 years decimating the NHS, then we would have been able to cope with this virus easily.But instead we are having to endure a lock down again
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    These people are such Morons.No thought for anyone