A real microcomputer from The Raspberry Pi Foundation


wanna see my snake?

I REALLY want one of these!

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age'd parent said:
Good God that's small!

They'll be putting radio's in wrist watches next!
I've heard that it has become possible to actually have a radio-gram in one's motor-car!..

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BBC article on the Pi



wanna see my snake?

Size of a credit card, not sure on depth yet, but the model B packs 2xUSB, LAN, HDMI, analogue vid/audio out, card reader, 256Mb of RAM and a ARM11 700Mhz cpu.


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You're actually right there, I'm only £4996.57 short! :D

Edit:- That was based on me thinking they were £2500 each, which they're not


wanna see my snake?
Production is now live - in the far east :(

Apparently they can't make them in the UK for anywhere near the price the far east can, nor in anywhere near the time frame. A big point they have made today is this:

I’d like to draw attention to one cost in particular that really created problems for us in Britain. Simply put, if we build the Raspberry Pi in Britain, we have to pay a lot more tax. If a British company imports components, it has to pay tax on those (and most components are not made in the UK). If, however, a completed device is made abroad and imported into the UK – with all of those components soldered onto it – it does not attract any import duty at all. This means that it’s really, really tax inefficient for an electronics company to do its manufacturing in Britain, and it’s one of the reasons that so much of our manufacturing goes overseas. Right now, the way things stand means that a company doing its manufacturing abroad, depriving the UK economy, gets a tax break. It’s an absolutely mad way for the Inland Revenue to be running things, and it’s an issue we’ve taken up with the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.
Seems absolutely insane, what a way to cripple UK manufacturing.


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That's a bit strange, is it the same for all things eg cars assembled don't have duty but parts do?


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Cars is an odd case. the new MG is actually fully built in china, then dismantled and imported here as a Complete Knock-down Kit, to be put back together again. Lunacy, but financially more workable.

As for my uses for the Raspberry..... 1 to go in the Dalek (playing with and arduino and hardware control), one for the set top box, one for my simulated VAX3900 and AberMUD host, and one for messing about with.