Air con installation.


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Anyone know a local firm, and have any idea what it costs nowadays if you supply the equipment? Or rather some of it?

Can get a few interesting looking units pretty cheap but no idea if they are worth it if the install costs are 3x more than the purchase!


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Most proper firms won’t do installs with kit provided by you, you’ll want an independent trade to do it like that.

I got a quote for £1200-1400 ish a few years ago from the place near the tip. Intercool I think? That was a single high wall unit.

You won’t get it cheaper than they do though, that is an absolute guarantee. We did a half-DIY install where our AC guy did the final termination and commissioning (we ran the pipework and electricals), but he also hooked us up with his supplier in the first place to get everything cheap. That’s the only time it’s worthwhile - if you’re buying at trade price and doing all the general contractor bits yourself.

Strictly speaking below a certain size you can commission it yourself with one of those pre-flared kits, but if you don’t tighten it perfectly all that gas it comes with is gonna end up in the sky. There’s a reason they use a vacuum pump and canister of nitrogen during the install.

Tbh if you ever want a career change there’s good money in being F-Gas registered.
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