Airport Lounges.


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Hi! All! We’re flying from Birmingham to Palma next month with EasyJet . I was wondering if anyone could recommend an Airport Lounge that’s convenient to the EasyJet Departure Gate?


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There's an "Airside" Wetherspoons open from 4am to 11pm but I doubt if you'd want that to be your last memory of England.
( I didn't mean that as your last ever memory of England as if something's going to go dreadfully wrong on your holiday )
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Why does every sodding thread have to be turned into sumat do with a ruddy pub with you?
Well the choice is theirs. Either they take a flask and some sandwiches or they 'enjoy' Tim's food and drink.
I know which I'd do. That's if I ever flew.


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My experience - unless the lounge is exclusive through either a premium credit card or flight class, it’s simply not worth stumping up the cash, particularly for a short haul flight meaning you only need to be at the airport 2 hours ahead of departure (so an hour to kill).

Head to the Spoons and save yourself £80-100

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Airport Lozenges

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A friend here paid for the airport lounge. Arrived early but stuck in security queues and ended up not having time to make use of it.

Each time we've flown from brum on last few holidays & I've gone to the loos near the lounges , there's been so many people queuing to get into the lounges . It wouldn't have been the same peaceful experience as years ago.

I'd vote for spoons as well . Enjoyed a nice brekkie there last time I flew .
( son was messaging asking what my table number was & wouldn't tell him incase he ordered me a suprise cider via his app. Not what I wanted at 6am 😂)
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Swings and roundabouts...
Our honeymoon was in Florida and we booked the lounge months in advance. Cue the day of departure and hurricane Ivan tracks its way over Florida and all flights out of the UK were delayed 3-5 hours.... Not a problem for us as we were safely installed in the lounge.... :)