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I recently purchased an Android TLC TV as I don't have any TV signal at my house so I'm relying on internet.

It plays Netflix and YouTube without a hitch and I get fairly good internet speeds!

However I am unable to download TV apps such as BBC iPlayer or 4 On Demand etc - it just says 'not available on this device' when I search.

I've downloaded 'TV Player' app which is pure crap - half the time it refuses to load - other times it just won't let me watch content at all.

Please help!!! I purchased an Android TV specifically to use the internet and download apps so have no idea why it won't work!?

Right now I've basically paid for it to sit and gather dust!

Will pay in biscuits!!! Xxx


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Whilst smart TVs are improving I generally hate them!

First up, stupid sounding question, but the Google account you have signed into the TV with is set to UK?

Can you install other apps fine, or were Netflix and YouTube preloaded?

Worst case scenario an external box will fix it, I recommend roku as they play everything.


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I was using an Amazon Firestick to access several players (Prime, Netflix, IPlayer and so on) as I was Prime member. Then I got a new Smart TV with all the usual suspects installed so now I'm up to my arse in remote controls. Then I discovered voice control via Alexa:

"Alexa, I want to watch Vikings."
"No you don't, it's far to violent, I'm putting The Woodentops on instead." :eek:

I'm thinking of shooting Spotty Dog. :mad:

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