Bargain boast.


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Not quite a bargain...... more of a scrounge!

But I stepped out of my front door to see my neighbors carrying a beautiful wooden dressing table covered in dust, to which I exclaimed:
'Your not chucking that out are you!?'

And now it is mine! Free free beautifully free!
Used my best beeswax polish on it and it came up lovely!
1950's four draw with all the brass handles intact!


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Maybe the rats will eat the spiders?

..or interbreed..?



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Aubergines are 49p each in Lidl Stafford, I put one in tonight's curry - yummy :) Wish I had bought more than 1 now.


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The new (extended) card shop in the guildhall is selling 10 cards for £1!
They are really really nice - they don't look cheap or nasty and have good designs!
Well chuffed :)


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Looking for dog poo bags in ASDA found them at £1 for 40 bags. Disposable nappy bags are .35p for 300 bags, bargain!
Brings me to the perpetual joke in our house when taking the dog for a walk:
ME "just taking the dog out"
Mrs T "have you got sh*tbags?"
Me "yes, she's here on the end of the lead"