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Can anyone recommend someone good for a bathroom rip out and replace?

I've seen friends and family be burned before so happy for an avoidance list too. Particularly looking to avoid people who leave you with a half finished bathroom and try to convince you that the design you actually want is the one that uses leftover tiles from their last job!


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We’ve used Eago before now and so have our friends.
You choose what you want, they do a design and then they recommend someone to fit it.

They will go through different prices of things to, so for example if you like a certain bath but it’s way out of the price bracket they recommend something similar but from a different range.

I do believe that Plumbits are also excellent.
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Intown interiors on the Weston road are worth looking at, they do bathrooms and they did an excellent job of our kitchen renovation and I really wish I’d known about them when we had our bathroom renovation done and they have helped out with some other things around the house including putting right other people’s bodge jobs.

If they can’t help Stafford tiles on the Newport road might be worth investigating, great choice of tiles and they pride themselves on quality craftsmanship they have bathroom displays to show off their tiles so I reckon they would be able to recommend someone.

I would definitely use both the above local companies again without hesitation.
It would be unfair to say on a public forum who to stay clear from.


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It would be unfair to say on a public forum who to stay clear from.

I totally disagree.

If someone has had a bad experience from a company that has provided a dreadful service then it’s only fair to let people know.
Especially with a bathroom fitting that’s going to run into thousands of pounds.

Some people on this forum will know of the dreadful experience that I had a few years ago with a builder (and as it happens so did loads of other people).
If we had been warned of this tradesman beforehand we would have saved ourselves months of anguish, and that’s before any financial impact.

It’s a duty, I think, to warn others if you have had a bad experience.


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I can’t possibly think why I stopped posting on this forum :ohno:

I honestly don’t know what the problem is here?

I absolutely wasn’t rude, I just had a different opinion to you.
Is that not allowed?

We can’t all agree on everything, but surely that’s the point of a discussion forum, to listen to others point of view and then discuss.

It’s quite normal within this forum to disagree with someone quite strongly about one issue on one thread but quite happily chat with the same person about what we’re cooking tonight for dinner on another.

It’s about tolerance and respect for other people. Understanding that sometimes people have different ideas but allowing them the freedom of speech to voice those opinions.


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Has there been any changes to the recommendations or otherwise on this topic? Discovered recently that the shower tray in the ensuite needs replacing. Typically it's in its own alcove and cannot get taken out without removing the toilet so might be slightly above my skill level!!!