Big Bite - Mill Street.


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Menu is up:




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Factory in Wolverhampton

Refrigerated van

Greasy Spoon in Stafford

Coronary care

Behind ya back

One potato


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If someone wants to open an independent business in Stafford then I have every admiration for them and hope that they succeed.

However, while I accept that there is a market for fast food, what I don’t understand about this venture is why you would market a restaurant to be very similar to McDonalds and yet be just up the road from them?

Why not be something different such as The Tap Steakhouse that’s opened in an area where there is nothing similar?


I think what most of the forum regulars are trying to say is this: it’s really unusual for someone to come on the forum and only post on one thread and not take any interest in any other thread.
They usually have an agenda.

Some people sign up and say “Hi everyone, I’ve just opened a shop/business in Stafford and I’d love it if you came along”

It’s all about how you go about it really.


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Walked past earlier, couple of plates of leftovers on the table by the window, presumably from last night. Not the best advert.