Wanted Books please


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I am organising a "books and bacon baps" morning in the village to raise money for our church funds in Bednall..

Can you believe that we (Church) don't actually have a toilet?

Anyway, we're going to have a social morning of books, bacon baps, home made cake. Lovely chat and mooching round the books.

And you're all invited to our little village soirée.

Problem is, we can't set a date until we have enough books.

If you've got anything that you'd love ❤️ to donate I would be very grateful. I'm happy to collect.

Thank you


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I like a nice bap.

Lovely, marvellous, great.

If you like a nice bap then I hope that you won't be disappointed in mine.

For the record, if you like it "crusty on the outside but soft in the middle" then you're totally looking in the wrong place.

My baps tend to be firm to the touch, tasty, and leave you wanting more.

And filled with bacon.
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You're starting to sound like Nigella.

I know. It's not like me to be risqué. I'm usually the biggest prude around.

I can only apologise for my vulgarity. I don't know what came over me.

Unless it was because I posted after excessive wine consumption.

That could be it I suppose.

Books anyone? :):)


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How many do you need?

Unfortunately you catch me at a bad time - i have recently disposed of something of a 'shedload' Katherine House's way.

You catch me, however, at that moment when, after letting go of a hefty part of the personal library, one really wonders whether one will really read it again... Why keep it if you ain't going to read it?

Could probably put ten or so your way, narrow the 'core'.


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How many do you need?

one really wonders whether one will really read it again...

Could probably put ten or so your way, narrow the 'core'.

Ten would be excellent, thank you.

We've got nearly 300 but we'd like about 500 in order to have a sale.

I rarely read a book twice, I always have a huge pile waiting to be read.

I know it's daft but books are meant to shared, passed on and read again by someone else. I always feel sad for books sitting on a dusty bookshelf, not being picked up or loved.

So yes please, 10 would be great.


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Big thanks to @number9 who very generously donated 2 boxes of books.

I popped round today and met the lovely Mrs Number9.

The books are in excellent condition and some brand new.....thank you so so much.



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I've actually got closer to 20 put together for you.

How would you prefer to get your hands on them?

Ooh, I don't mind.
I don't want to inconvenience you so I'm happy to collect from your house... or meet in town?

Unless you happen to be in my direction?

I'll do whatever suits you best.

Thank you, it's really kind.


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Where are you based @Withnail? I'm going to Bednall after work tonight, if you are able to get them to my office in Stafford today I'll happily deliver these.