Broadband issues in Stafford? (SSE fibre)


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Anyone else suffering from broadband dropouts? I'm on SSE fibre, been great most of the time but the last month or 2 I've had dropouts. Not regularly, but getting worse. Yesterday was rather bad:


My router is repeatedly dropping the connection, yet it works fine again afterwards without a reboot or anything. In fact my router seems to be staying on fine, its just the connection. I have a new router on the way, but was just wondering if anyone else had problems?


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I've not been able to download my emails for about a week. Mr Branson has been informed.


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Virgin BB has been dropping on and off here quicker than a whoors knickers lately. But, according to the nice non English speaking person that I talk to EVERYTIME, there is nothing wrong with either the superhub 2.0 thingy at the house or the green box up the road.

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Only problem I've had with Virgin is the TV was pixelating too much
to watch, it I rang them and they sent me a new box that seems to have
cured it, though the broad band seems to hang for a second or two
when changing sites.


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Anyone else suffering from broadband dropouts?
Are you BTish? Have you one of these -



I'm currently reduced to the status of a bum - typing on an actual keyboard of a tiny 'note book' type affair that, were i a computer, could probably be my grandchild.

It is connected to the intertubes via a dongle, that has a small blue light upon it that announces its connection to those tubes.

The LAN1 light that can be seen on the ^above BT offering flashes like it is trying to communicate with Winona Ryder. Up till before now, one simply assumed it was just a blinky light - though the various tablets that are in use within the house had experienced unusual drop-outs and the like.

The interesting thing about the whole god-i-wish-i-hadn't-killed-my-laptop-this-'note-book'-situation-is-intolerable-and-relying-on-the-tablet-is-even-worse dongle experience, is that as the LAN1 light flashes on and off on the BT hardware, the blue light on the dongle flashes in sync with it.

I don't really know what any of this means, but when i say 'the interesting thing about...' , you can bet your arse i mean 'the really annoying thing about...'


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At least i have a keyboard, even though i can barely see it.

Took me a few minute to find the ' - though failing eyesight can't be ruled out as a contributory factor.

Which is a ^sentence i wouldn't have contemplated on a touchscreen