Corona Lockdown Discs


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One of These Things First - Nick Drake
Don't Let Me Down - Beatles (has to be the rooftop)
Inner City Blues - Gil Scott Heron
Adagietto - Mahler
Weird Fishes - Radiohead
All I Want - Joni
I Am The Resurrection - Stone Roses
Just Like Fred Astaire - James

Clean running potable water



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For my 'luxury', can i exchange mine for ^embedded YouTube 'albums' playing through without ads?

Because that would be nice...


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You think piped water isn't a luxury only because it is just there. If i could take that one thing away from you today, this is what you'd be begging me for tomorrow.

Finding out that embedded videos play without intrusive videos is quite boss, though.

Hope you don't mind me using this thread to exploit that @Tilly ?