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Apparently I got it all wrong, highfields is a clear 13% less criminal than where I live.



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Thought Doxey was alright mate? that Cresent n Drive used to be alright years ago,
That estate near silkmore lane past the back on where that sport arena place was, used to have a less than friendly feel to it though!


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according to this, crime around my parents road has gone down by 18.8% on the same period last year.

which is interesting, coz originally there were only 16 houses on the road and now theres a brand new estate. due to their location on the cusp of the highfields snt, i would suggest that their street is anything but indicative of the snt as a whole.

robbery in their area has also gone up by 200%, however this is meaningless as there has actually only been an increase from an average of 0.3 (on account of the 1000/population normalising) to a whole 1.

year on year crime figures dont mean a lot unless you have at least 5 years base rate to compare them too. a reduction could be accountable to just one crime spike during the same 3 month period the year before. that could be attributable to one individual active in a certain limited area and criminals really are creatures of habit.

frankly, with the limited info you get, it isnt worth the band width it takes up and i wouldnt feel to concerned about any of it.

as we all know, there are lies, damn lies and statistics....i should know- i write such reports! :D


*EDIT* just for info heres where i am in least i get proper numbers! ;)


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Odd, a crime happened outside my house, a violent crime and its not on there. I stress I had nothing to do with it, honest.