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Coincidentally, @Mikinton has recently mentioned the earworm phenomenon -

'Paint It Black' was the day's earworm during a Sunday School trip to Dan-y-Ogof caves on July 23rd 1966. The reason I can pinpoint the day was that the 1966 World Cup was on and someone had a radio and was listening to the Portugal / North Korea game.

- and Radio 3 has just broadcast Earworms, where Tom Service and Jarvis Cocker discuss the whole thing.

For many years, an isolated use of the word 'Gold' would produce days of Spandau Ballet in the background of my waking hours. I seem, however, to have recently had a complete clean-out of my earworm locker, as 'Gold' has been replaced by a selection of about ten songs which I first heard in November. I even wake up these days with a random one of them playing in my head.

This was this morning's wake-up call.

Whatever the hell it is about....


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I can think of no reason for it but this tune will often be my personal lift music.

That would be lift as in otis.


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Not really an earworm, but one I find myself singing in my head every now and then - The Pennsylvania Polka. Just under a year ago I made the mistake of looking it up, and for the next few weeks found it difficult to shake off.



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Had "Windmills of your Mind" going round my head for a couple of weeks. Seems sort of appropriate for an earworm.


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This 1 drives me crazy, I only have to hear the opening bars and it's in my head all day.


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I popped into the station on Sunday morning, to buy a ticket for later in the day, to avoid buying it in a hurry later.

Where the queue for the counter would be is a sign saying "Walk This Way".

It was very difficult to approach the counter without being in time to this...

It could've been worse. It could've been this version.



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This week's earworm (or at least the chorus is). And I'm not sure why, though I suspect it was played in an episode of "Better Call Saul" which I've been watching recently.