Eastgate Regeneration Scheme.


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I wunna get my fat arse in there!


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The trees in Eastgate are excellent and best viewed from The Shrewsbury Arms after 3 pints of Golden Thread and a tiger bread cheese and onion bap and a bag of cheese and onion crisps

Eastgate St on-street parking, now home to the Deliveroo hierarchy - how much do they get per Deliveroo?
I was reminded of how mature trees can enhance a town centre street when I saw today a news report of dachshunds using a Leicester pub.
I immediately recognised that street as being near the Kings Head which was the last of nine proper pubs used by several of us pubmen from across the country on a proper day out in Leicester during October 2017.
Coincidently both Stafford's Shrewsbury Arms and Leicester's Kings Head are owned by Black Country Ales.
Beechway just east of the Stone Road had some very impressive beech trees last time i was there about fourteen years ago.
Brighton, where stayed two years ago, is quite remarkable for its many surviving elm trees.


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I think we need a new magistrates' court.

Let's build it next to that car park.

Good idea.

We could also do with some new offices for ourselves.

Let's build them on that old car park, next to the new magistrates' court.

Good idea.

We could do with some more car parking now.

Let's knock down that magistrates' court.

Good idea.