English Electric/GEC transformer journeys


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Hi, digging into my memory banks but was too young to really know, back in the 1970’s, were huge transformers transported on low loaders along the Lichfield Road? I can sort of remember visiting my grandparents, and seeing these big machines being moved at very slow speeds. Did journeys like that happen, or am I imagining it?


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Various routes were used over the years, but all would have started on Lichfield Road.



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There's one moving this Friday

Friday 12th November abnormal load will be moving from Stafford @ 09:30 heading mainly A34, Stone, Trent Vale, Newcastle onto Cheshire. Updates on here to keep you moving . Please RT https://t.co/P34gROkblV

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The only large machinery produced in the town, these days. One went out this morning. They all seem to go out of the town North to their next destination and with the various works going on between Stafford and Stone on the A34 it's certain to have caused some delays today. Ironically, by doing this they go past the main bases of GE divisions (old GEC units!) and Saint Gobain (the old Universal) that are now on the Redhill business park.