Favourite family board games.


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Not exactly a family board game I know, but as it's the 75th anniversary of Battle of Britain, I've just set up a board wargame called RAF in my shed with the intention of playing it in sort-of "real time". The game lasts from August 11th to October 1st, so I'll try to play one day per day or thereabouts. A day takes about 45 minutes to play depending on the weather in the game and how committed the German effort is. If it's storms, for example, then everything's grounded, but after a day's rest they'll be throwing the kitchen sink at you the next day.

I'm half way through August 17th and things are fairly even. Bader's "big wing" tactics seem to work.





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...after a day's rest they'll be throwing the kitchen sink at you the next day.
There was a pair of chaps in the RFC during WW1, "Squibbs" Sibley and "Puggy" Shone, who also used unorthodox aerial bombardment techniques.

They discovered that empty bottles lobbed out at height produced unearthly wails as they fell, often causing more disruption than their 'legitimate' weapons.

Their most effective DIY raid was on the seafront at Dunkirk, where they unloaded a half-hundredweight of rotten oranges amongst the off-duty German officers. These splattered dramatically on impact and caused a widespread gas alert.


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Various Boardgames are played most Sundays in the Market Valuts from 3pm onwards, come find a game to play. we are a friendly lot


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Jenga and kaplunk not technically board games but fun games

Garden Jenga is also fun


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I believe, from a rather reliable source, that Father Christmas may have Pie Game in his sack of presents heading to my house. This looks an interesting game for the family!


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Hello lovely game players - I'm after recommendations, planning for as soon as is legal and safe to do so - a bit of a game night.

Can anyone recommend some games to play - adult but not too rude or offensive, not too complicated as there will be more than one glass of wine involved and something where everyone can join in.
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Thanks @Lucy

I think I got a bit carried away, along with Articulate (went for the mini version rather than the full board game to keep it simple) we have:

Moral Conflict - look like this could be a fun one, a 'who's most likely to' of moral dilemma's

Shot in the dark - literally questions that no human should know the answers to, not sure about this one - it may end up in the back of the cupboard but I do like a bit of useless information.

Don't Get Got (and the Christmas version) secret missions - it might be a good side game to have on the go.

Also purchased the Logo board game and Greedy Granny but those are just for us. I had just scaled down all the games so they fit in one cupboard but I think I'm now going to need a bigger cupboard.