Frank Sidebottom code cracked


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I never fail to be impressed by cryptographers. The whole point of the subject is to think outside the box. In the 90's I had to give a small lecture in the USA about methods of breaking out signals, this isn't cryptography, but signals analysis (much easier.) This involved me sitting in on all the lectures at the venue and by far the most entertaining was the one given by a mathematician deeply involved in cryptography. (Modern crypto tends to be mathematically based.) This guy was what you would expect from a supernerd (and I mean that in a nicest possible way.) Long hair, weirdly casual dress and a mind that danced around nowhere near the box, never mind outside it. . Also very humorous.
When he started on about combinations of 2 to the power of 1024 code based keys, he's not operating outside the box, he's operating outside the Universe as we know it. You couldn't help but laugh at his jokes.
These guys might seem innocuous and are amusing, but they're in the same league or more as Alan Turing and Bill Tutte (and Tommy Flowers, never forget the engineers.) Good job we had and have them when needed. (Even more so these days.)
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