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Do you like what we are doing?
We're totally funded by you!
Help us buy parts to restore some of our more broken donated items so that we can get them out into the community where they need to be.
Prevent us from ever resting by sending us virtual caffeine:
Send us any amount of your choosing (we are grateful for every penny):



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3 more of your unwanted laptops that we've fixed up and made ready for their new homes.
To get these back to perfect condition we've replaced two of the batteries and a charger for the other, paid for by you lovely people

Even if you think it's not worth saving, we'll give our time for free to try our hardest, there's somebody out there who desperately needs it!

Let us know if you see yours here!



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Sponsor us!
Have your company logo on display on every one of the PC's and laptops we rehome from only ยฃ15 a month, no strings.
All proceeds go straight back in to our project, and we'll share our accounts with you so you can see where your advert is being displayed and how we're spending your donation

Drop us a line!



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We proudly present no. 421!
Thanks to the donor of this MS Surface Pro, and to our sponsors and you lovely people for helping us replace its charger with your kind donations to our PayPal

Now it can be rehomed where it's desperately needed!
We're rapidly closing in on number 500!!!



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It's always a pleasure to visit the team at CPMS

We never expect financial gratitude but we'll definitely spend this wisely on the finest blends.
We've been refurbishing and upgrading all of their internet cafe PC's for free, and it's thanks to the kind contributions of you lovely people, helping us out with rising fuel costs, and enabling our tech volunteers to travel to all the places we're needed.
You can help too, by feeding us caffeine to prevent us ever resting at, or by making a pledge of your choosing at



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We're "testing" out an idea to raise funds for Free I.T.
We're about half way to meeting the financial requirements which would allow us to become a properly registered charity, and we're keen to accelerate that.
We have our own Portable Appliance Testing meter with a current valid calibration certificate, primarily to keep ourselves and our end users safe, but in between the times we need it, it lays dormant.
We're trialling an offer of PAT appliance checks to the public and businesses, and we ask ยฃ3 donation to Free I.T. per item via PayPal or bank transfer, with a minimum charge of ยฃ10 for 3 items or less, and a maximum 10 items per visit. Of course, you are welcome to donate more.
We're still volunteers with day jobs and other commitments so we ask your understanding if we can't help in a particular case or if we can't meet your PAT expiry deadline.
Please bear in mind that these tests only apply to items which are deemed "portable" through the fact they have a standard 3-pin UK mains plug fitted. We can't test domestic fixed wiring items such as ceiling fans or high wattage ovens.
Our test equipment itself is portable, so in most cases we'll come to you, but we may ask on occasion to have you meet us with your appliance(s) at the Community Recycling Hub, Castlefields, ST161BQ, or at Elevate Community Centre, Highfields, ST179TX.
We'll provide a qualified operator, full written certification, and the familiar green stickers.
Please get in touch if you'd like to know more

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Thanks so much to Milestonez UK for these photos of their clients enjoying the PC's we've provided !
Thank you also to everyone who's donated equipment and funds, it's enabling us to make vital community links and help so many good causes!
These particular units came from EU Automation at Beaconside, thank you too!



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Huge thanks to every single one of our tech volunteers, without whom, this entire venture would be unsustainable.
Mike A
Mike B
Michael F
Every one of these purely decent chaps deserve a pat on the back for what they have done and continue to offer, giving up their time, car boots, and dining room tables since January 2021. Free IT, and society, is indebted to them all

We'd really like to arrange a get-together somewhere local, and a round of drinks. Some of our tech guys have never actually met each other, and it would be nice for us to thank them all together. We welcome your PayPal contributions to help us make this happen!



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More huge thanks due, this time to 848 IT Services at Beaconside.
They thought of us before heading to the tip, and donated a 'sizeable' stack of their redundant equipment for us to refurbish and give away :)