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Hi, I’m looking for perhaps someone retired / odd jobs who could do a small job for me and would come out to Great Haywood. I have a wifi security camera mounted on the front of my house- it is not connected yet, but there is a switch in the meter box which is below the camera and the two need connecting so it is up and running. Please let me know if anyone can help and an idea of cost would be great. Many thanks in advance for any help. Mandy

Lee B

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Have you managed to get your camera setup?

I have setup a number of cctv units and wifi webcams and would be willing to come and get it online for you. It would be an evening or weekend job, let me know either way.


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I'm after some security camera recommendations, we've got a ring doorbell and a couple of indoor cams but I'd like a bit more coverage, the plot is quite large and the wifi wont reach all locations we want covered, we do have power though.

I'm a bit useless at that sort of thing - can anyone recommend some cost effective options.