Hogarths Gin Bar - in the old Burton's/Dorothy Perkins.


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Had a really nice time at the VIP preview. They've done an amazing job with the fit out, it looks really lovely. Massive drinks menu at really competitive prices. Sound proof karaoke booth. Lovely outside area. Will definitely be going back at the weekend.


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looking at the preview vid and the exterior, it certainly looks very impressive.

Hopefully will get a look at the weekend

gilbert grape

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What's really impressive is how quickly they completed the refurb considering it was a complete transformation of what was previously there !

They obviously chucked loads of money at it to get it done, thus gambling it pays off. Having spent some time on the area, on Monday night, I can confirm "the clientelle was varied!" Hic!


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Roll on Roll off


Wincyette Daily Fail types

Would suit Proactive

And his Tory pals


Death Star

Becomes You

Toodle Pip

Woof Woof



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Ok, so does anyone know its opening hours or if it has anything decent on handpump?


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Ok, so does anyone know its opening hours or if it has anything decent on handpump?

I believe there are 3 handpumps serving Tetley's Original cask, Wainwright's and Titanic steerage. Well that was what I was told just before they opened anyway.

No idea about opening times though, sorry.


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While some roar out "the Dog's Meat Man,"
And others chant "Sweet Lovely Nan,"
In praise of Hodges' Best I sing,
There's comfort in a drop of gin.
A drop of gin, the girls they cry—
A drop of gin, the lads reply;
And all who live to cry or grin,
Find comfort in a drop of GIN.

The grave, the gay, both rich and poor,
For sorrow find in gin a cure;
The stiff old maid, with pious song,
In private takes Old Jolly Tom,
A drop of gin, the old girl sighs,
Blue ruin sparkles in her eyes,
And while she prays to keep from sin,
Finds comfort in a drop of GIN.

By many names dear Gin is called;
"Strip me naked," is by porter bawled,
"Flash of lightning," the am'rous spark.
The dandy asks for "Nancy Clark;
"A yard of tape," and many more,
Which to repeat is quite a bore;
Yet all who wake to cry or grin,
Find comfort in a drop of GIN.

Then, while we live to laugh and sin,
Drink our Old Friend in jolly gin;
Care to the wind!—another glass.
Success to trade, and smiling lass.
Let parsons preach, and dotards scan,
On all the worst of mortal man;
Yet all who lose the day or win,
Find comfort in a drop of GIN.


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new bar, everyone is bound to go in and check it out. there's a 90% chance that something will offend you but nuts to it....why let something put you off just because your slightly offended by some thing small and minor. life's way to short to always pessimistic and be offended by anything and everything....


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I will visit this pub one day, however I can't see myself being a regular. There are too many brilliant real ale pubs in Stafford that I'd rather drink in / enjoy.


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Popped in on Saturday afternoon, not too bad to be honest...reminded me a bit of the Littern Tree when it first opened up after their re-fit.

Service I thought was fairly decent, Guinness wasn't too bad either, and poured correctly.