How long have you lived in Stafford?


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I have a good friend who was born in Tittensor.

I'm always a little bit disappointed when it doesn't appear in lists of 'funny place names' - i always faux cramp in pain holding my manboobs whenever i pass through there, hoping that someone will ask me what the problem is.

I got here when i did, and, barring the times i wasn't, am still here.

If i don't die here it will probably now be down to either misadventure or bad luck.

I'll take those odds.


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yep, same for me.... Groundslow hospital, then Walton, then Western Downs and now Castletown....58 years and counting


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I think a lot of us will have been born in Tittensor as that's where Groundslow was.
Born in Groundslow as well but my parents were not living in Stafford then, they lived over The Chase near Burntwood. It was either Groundslow or Burton as no Stafford hospital then.


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I think I went to Burton House just after as I had jaundice. Mum used to say the nurses wanted to keep us in as long as they could as it was shutting down.


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I arrived in September 1974, to go to the Poly.

Immediately before that, I had 'lived' for two years in Lincoln and a year before that 15 miles north of Lincoln.

The three years before that had been in Cyprus, so the transition to the waking coma that was Lincolnshire was a trauma from which I have never really recovered.
I arrived in September 1973, to go to the Poly.
Immediately before that was eighteen years in Cannock.


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It is notable, from the evidence so far, that Stafford is full of migrants, barely a couple of natives in evidence...
Or us migrants aren't made welcome by the indigenous Staffordians and so have to spend our time on sites like this !


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I'd have made you welcome but I was caught out pretending to be a rich Littleworth kid and was booted down into the West Country. :eek:🤪💩
Rich AND Littleworth in same sentence Bob!!! Yo're having a giraffe duck! x


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Yo're having a giraffe duck! x
Sounds painful.
Makes a nice change from turkey.